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Check up

The medical review is the best way we have to prevent any type of illness, as well as to receive an appropriate treatment on time.
The type of medical checkup will vary according to the sex and age of the patient, this occurs because a young body does not require the same care as an older adult.

Our general check includes:
– Weight Control and Body Mass Index
– Control of blood pressure
– Complete blood count
– Urine analysis
– Analytical to assess renal and liver function
– Analytical to assess thyroid function
– Analytics to assess iron and vitamins
– Lipidic profile
– Tumor markers
– Electrocardiogram
– Pulmonary function test, Spirometry
– Thorax radiography
– Abdominal ultrasound

It is important to emphasize the case of some groups:

• Women over 18 years of age should be reviewed once a year with the gynecologist and, starting at around 25 years of age, breast ultrasounds are recommended. Meanwhile, after 40 years should include a mammogram.
• In men over 50 years of age it is advisable to perform an annual Prostate test (Rectal Touch), as well as the determination of the value of the prostate-specific antigen.

• Patients over 50 years old of both sexes is recommended a video colonoscopy that serves to control the colorectal area, and to prevent cancer in this part of the body.

• In the case of smokers or ex-smokers, it is advisable to make periodic check-ups, which include Thorax X-ray and especially pulmonary function tests / Spirometry. The same applies to those who work with toxic or irritating substances.