Primary health care and Family Medicine

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General services:

• Diagnosis and integral treatment of the different health problems.
• Long-term care and control of chronic diseases: Diabetes, COPD, asthma, coronary heart disease, heart failure.
• Acute and chronic pain therapy.
• Care of acute and chronic wounds.
• Counseling in prevention of diseases, and advice on adequate nutrition.
• general vaccinations
• Primary care with home visits, for patients who for a degree of disability cannot go to practice.
• Medical check-ups
• Cancer detection and individual health exams.
• Care for dependent patients in the home or in the nursing home.
• Complete laboratory diagnostics
• ECG, 24-hour ECG
• 24-hour blood pressure measurement
• Diagnosis by spirometry / pulmonary function.
• detection of skin cancer
• All exams for medical certificates
• We work closely with renowned specialists in Zürich and throughout Switzerland.

Our special services:

• Home Visits
• Travel tips including travel vaccinations
• Sports, diving and travel medical exams
• Medical certificate for applicants for the different licenses
• Pain treatment
• Palliative care for terminal patients
• Kinesiology for muscle and joint pain.
• traffic medical check-ups (recognition level 1)

Through regular training, workshops and congresses, we keep our knowledge updated and refine our skills. In addition, we are constantly expanding our range of services.